A Timeless Christmas (2020)
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A Timeless Christmas (2020)

The Plot
It's December 18th, 1903 in Cutter Springs, New York. Charles Whitley, a businessman and inventor, is having a bit of a row with his fiancée, Eliza Parker, in she feeling that he lives for the future, especially with his inventions, leaving her behind in the present. Rosie, Charles' faithful housekeeper and the one person who can speak the truth to him without impunity, sees them as a mismatched couple, which Charles can admit to himself if being honest in feeling that he is at the age where he should get married and that he isn't sure if he asked Eliza to marry him purely on that sentiment instead of love. Regardless, as he is tending to a Christmas present for Eliza, an antique Christmas clock which purports to help one find true love when wound on a Christmas moon, Charles passes out, only to awaken in the morning to find a mansion full of people purporting to be those he knows - Eliza, Rosie, his butler Fredricks - but not them, they in turn unsure who he is despite looking very much like the portrait of Charles Whitley hanging in the mansion front hall. What Charles eventually learns is that the people pretending to be Fredricks and Eliza are husband and wife actors Dan and Amber, and the woman pretending to be Rosie is Megan Turner, Rosie's great-granddaughter who did her Ph.D. dissertation on the life of Charles Whitley, this now being the year 2020, and the mansion now the Whitley Museum, she its curator. Megan, from evidence, does also come to the realization that who is purporting to be Charles is not yet another actor sent by the talent agency but is the true Charles Whitley, who disappeared on December 18th, 1903, never to be seen or heard from again. As Megan and Charles hide the fact of who he is from everyone else, they have to find a way for Charles to find his way back home. By the time that Charles believes he's found a way, it a portal on Christmas Eve having to do with the Christmas clock, its whereabouts unknown, Megan and Charles have started to fall for each other, which affects what Charles ultimately decides to do, especially in light of what he discovers about what happened to Eliza. Written by Huggo

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