Every Witch Way
IMDB: 5.1 | 23 min | 1 January 2014 (USA)
Actors: Paola Andino, Nick Merico, Paris Smith, Daniela Nieves, Tyler Alvarez, Denisea Wilson, Autumn Wendel, Zoey Burger, Katie Barberi, Melissa Carcache, Jason Ian Drucker, Louis Tomeo, René Lavan, Jackie Frazey, Rahart Adams, Whitney Goin, Mia Matthews, Kendall Ryan Sanders, Mavrick Moreno, Michele Verdi…
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Description: When Emma and her single father move to a new town, she thinks all she'll have to deal with is making new friends - until she starts developing strange powers and discovers she's part of a magical world, full of witches, Guardians and Kanays. Soon, she's trying to master her power, before spoiled, bad witch Maddie steals them. To make matters worse, she falls hard and fast for Daniel, the school's swim team champion and Maddie's boyfriend. Over time Emma learns to control her powers and finds out that she is the Chosen One (the most powerful witch ever born). In addition, she discovers that the school's evil principal wants to steal the Chosen One's powers. Emma must stop her and keep her powers hidden from a skeptical Daniel, who hates magic. Everything comes to a head during the big school dance, when the Principal holds Daniel hostage and the two young witches must work together to defeat her.