IMDB: 7.3 | 43 min | n/A
Actors: Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J.R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, Parveen Kaur, Daryl Edwards, Alfredo Narciso, Tim Moriarty, Victoria Cartagena, Francesca Faridany, Matt Long, Frank Deal, Mugga, Malachy Cleary, Brandon Schraml, Nikolai Tsankov, Daniel Sunjata, Shirley Rumierk, Julienne Hanzelka Kim, Jenna Kurmemaj, Mehdi Barakchian, Omar Torres, Elizabeth Marvel, Marc Menchaca, Richard Topol, Brian Wiles, Geraldine Leer, Jacqueline Torres, Edward Chin-Lyn, Curtiss Cook, Sheldon Best, Patrick Murney, Joe Urla, Michael Drayer, Rey Lucas, Adriane Lenox, Grace Rex, Sean Kaufman, Andrew Sensenig, Jared Grimes, Leajato Amara Robinson, Eva Kaminsky, Thursday Farrar, Jenna Brando, Kenneth Maharaj, Juri Henley-Cohn, Hope Blackstock, Joel de la Fuente
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Description: When Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely after a turbulent but routine flight, the crew and passengers were relieved. But in the span of those few hours, the world had aged five years - and their friends, families and colleagues, after mourning their loss, had given up hope and moved on. Now, faced with the impossible, they're all given a second chance. But as their new realities become clear, a deeper mystery unfolds and some of the returned passengers soon realize they may be meant for something greater than they ever thought possible. Written by ahmetkozan