IMDB: 5.9 | 60 min | n/A
Actors: John Simm, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Katie Leung, Anthony Hayes, Tom Wu, Thomas Chaanhing, Jason Wong, Christophe Tek, Kae Alexander, Nicholas R. Bailey, Emilia Fox, Rosalind Halstead, Dervla Kirwan, Arthur Lee, Orion Lee, Tim McInnerny, Daniel York, Yennis Cheung, Rebecca Yeo, Magdalene Bird, Elliott Brough, Harry Capehorn, Chike Chan, Christian Contreras, Tony Ho, Max Keeble, David Keeling, Jackie Lam, Brian Law, Michelle Lee, Jessie Mei Li, Ryan McKen, John Moraitis, Ocean Navarro, Emily Ng, Stuart Ong, Nick Reed, Albert Tang, Jessie Vinning, Dang Vu Hai, Earl Wan, Michelle Yim, Andrew Knott, Raquel Cassidy, Tina Simmons
Country: China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Macao, Taiwan
Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Chinese, Min Nan, Tibetan, Khmer
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Description: Jonah Mulray is a professor whose world comes crashing down when his wife is killed in a car crash in Hong Kong. Though his wife lived and worked there for six months, Jonah's fear of flying has stopped him from ever visiting. Now forced to abandoned his sheltered life, he must venture across the world to identify her body. However, once he arrives he finds out a shocking truth and is drawn deeper in a web of conspiracy in a foreign and unfamiliar place. Written by Jan