The Outer Limits
IMDB: 7.7 | 44 min | 26 March 1995 (USA)
Actors: Alex Diakun, Eric Schneider, Garvin Cross, Kavan Smith, Larry Musser, Nathaniel DeVeaux, Scott Swanson, Robert Lewis, John Novak, Tom Butler, Andrew Airlie, Benz Antoine, Kristin Lehman, David McNally, William deVry, Tom Heaton, Bruce Harwood, Michael Kopsa, Robert Moloney, Peter Outerbridge…
Country: Canada, USA
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Description: A modern revival of the classic eponymous 1960s sci-fi horror anthology show. Episodes often have twist-endings and involve aliens. Sometimes, story from one episode continues in a later episode.