The Purge (2018)
IMDB: 6.3 | 60 min | n/A
Actors: Gabriel Chavarria, Hannah Emily Anderson, Jessica Garza, Colin Woodell, Lee Tergesen, Amanda Warren, Lili Simmons, Reed Diamond, Dominic Fumusa, William Baldwin, Christopher Berry, Fiona Dourif, Paulina Gálvez, Andrea Frankle, Allison King, Jessica Miesel, Dane Rhodes, Garrett Kruithof, Adam Stephenson, Dylan Arnold, Joe Chrest, AzMarie Livingston, Kelly Murtagh, Brian Stapf, Nikki Tomlinson, Alyshia Ochse, Madison Sparacello, Steve Coulter, Deneen Tyler, Sabrina Gennarino, Wendy Miklovic, Jannette Sepwa, Kent Shocknek, Robert Larriviere, Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez, Tyrus, Aaron V. Williamson, Kevin Pozzo, Emmanuelle Nadeau, Elia Coutte, Troy Rudeseal, Sylvia Grace Crim, Brittney Level, Jennifer Riker, Cecilia Leal, Lance E. Nichols, Amy Parrish, Jordan Wall, Elijah Brooks, Karl Herlinger
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Description: The Purge revolves around a 12-hour period when all crime, including murder, is legal. Set in an altered America ruled by a totalitarian political party, the series follows several seemingly unrelated characters living in a small city. As the clock winds down, each character is forced to reckon with their past as they discover how far they will go to survive the night. Written by ahmetkozan